•  Alhambra's 5-Year Strategic Plan: Our Next Big Move!

    We are delighted to welcome our families and community to Alhambra’s 5-Year Strategic Plan.  This plan will guide the focus of our work with Teaching and Learning along with other essential components of the district.  It is our commitment to keep staff and community updated on the progress of our 5-Year Strategic Plan work.  On this page, you can find the latest information regarding Alhambra's Next Big Move!

  • Our Vision                                                                    

    Educating the Whole Child

    Our Mission

    Alhambra Elementary School District will enrich the life of the whole child in collaboration with families and the greater community. We will promote a social and global consciousness that encompasses a profound respect for all humanity.  

    Our Core Values                                                            

    • Build Trust/Extend Trust
    • Culture of Continuous Growth                                       
    • Doing the Right Thing
    • Striving for Excellence
    • Strong Work Ethic
    • Valuing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

5YP Recap 2016-2020

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