• Culture, Conditions, & Climate

    In Alhambra, school conditions, climate and culture are impacted by consistency in beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes and written and unwritten rules that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions. All stakeholders take accountability to understand how to encompass concrete issues such as student physical and emotional safety, a healthy school environment, the orderliness of classrooms and public spaces and the degree to which a school embraces and celebrates racial, ethnic, linguistic, academic and cultural diversity and ensures equity. In Alhambra, when we truly appreciate and celebrate each individual person in their entirety, it will develop.  

    Subcommittee Members: 

    Minh Nguyen (DO), Andrew Feight (BES), Alana Ragland (DO), Alfonso Landey (GAP), Isaac Perez (JWR), Kathleen Fisher (CES), Marjorie Paez (DO), Stephen Combs (CGP), John Opuroku (MAD), Sulimar Medina (GRE), Paul Ruiz (CLA), Terrian King (APA), Michael Rivera (DO), Juan Zozaya (GRE), Miguel Brambila (GRE), Michelle Frias (VAL).    


    AESD will design and maintain a caring learning community where everyone has a sense of belonging.

  • Primary Need 1:  AESD needs to increase its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) capacity to ensure it is an inclusive community.

    Desired Outcome 1:  We will have every aspect of AESD reflect the diversity of our culturally inclusive learning community. 

    Strategy:  Provide training & build awareness of AESD's Climate, Culture and Conditions goal.

    Action Step 1:  Plan, create, & develop opportunities to celebrate our diverse community at every level.

    Action Step 2:  Provide continuous researched based professional development related to creating a strong inclusive learning community for all. 


    Primary Need 2:  AESD needs to build a welcoming, positive, safe learning community where all have a sense of belonging.

    Desired Outcome 2:  AESD will build a welcoming, safe, positive learning community where all people will have a sense of belonging.

    Strategy:  Build a welcoming environment with a holistic approach to safety.

    Action Step 1:  Provide the highest levels of customer service as evidenced by customer feedback.

    Action Step 2:  Plan and practice AESD safety protocols.

    Action Step 3:  Continue to provide wellbeing support services for everyone.


    Primary Need 3:  AESD needs to create a culture that makes data informed decisions based on student needs.

    Desired Outcome 3:  AESD will have a culture that makes data informed decisions based on student needs.  

    Strategy:  Use relevant data to inform decisions.

    Action Step 1:   Collect relevant data from all stakeholders to inform decisions and use the data to maintain a caring learning community.

    Action Step 2:   Create a process to analyze and disaggregate data to inform decisions.