• Systems & Resources

    A system is the HOW.  In a school district, it is the set of well communicated, simple, efficient, and timely structures, methods, principles, practices, and procedures that clarify how something is done within an organized framework or way of doing business evaluated and held accountable through a cycle of continuous improvement.

    Resources are the WHAT.  In a school district, this includes time, funds, assets, materials, staff, and any other "things" that are responsibly, equitably, and intentionally (based upon needs) distributed in a sustainable manner to achieve the desired outcomes aligned to the vision/mission of the district.

    Subcommittee Members: 

    Ranier Barrett (BES), Veronica Barrick (CES), Mandi Bilyou (DO), Rhonda Bowman (GRE), Jennifer Bunch (SVW), Marcy Goma (APA), Tasha Grant (BES), Scott Heusman (DO), Margarita Herrera (APA), Mark Laliberte (DO), Ruben Montoya (DO), Phillip Seng (DO), Matt Shields (DO), Vanessa Shields (DO), Richard Stinnett (ATS), Clair Perry (DO), Carin Hart (CGP).        


    AESD will have access to and consistently utilize effective, aligned systems and resources to support all stakeholders as we positively impact student success.

  • Primary Need 1:  Evaluate current systems and resources to determine priorities and necessary revisions that have the greatest impact on student success.

    Desired Outcome 1:  Systems & Resources will be in place that have great impact on student success. 

    Strategy:  Audit and prioritize current systems and resources for all sites and departments.

    Action Step 1:  Create a framework to interview/survey relevant stakeholders.

    Action Step 2:  Analyze data to determine and implement refinements, new systems/resources and next steps.  


    Primary Need 2:  Create a digital "tool" that is easily accessible and contains all district systems and resources to ensure stakeholder success.

    Desired Outcome 2:  All stakeholders have access to district systems and resources to ensure increased stakeholder success.

    Strategy:  Create a district tool that contains ALL district systems and resources.

    Action Step 1:  Compile and organize all standard operating procedures (SOPs) and resources in a digital format.

    Action Step 2:  Improve our AESD website and location search to house and access the tool.


    Primary Need 3:  Communicate the digital tool to all stakeholders to maximize access to district and community resources in order to ensure student success.

    Desired Outcome 3:  Staff and community know how to access systems and resources to ensure student success.  

    Strategy:  Train and implement the digital tool to all stakeholders.

    Action Step 1:   Train stakeholders.

    Action Step 2:   Continuously implement and evaluate.