Superintendent Mark A. Yslas

  • The Alhambra Elementary School District is committed to educating the whole child by providing access to the 4-A’s … Academics, Arts, Activities, and Athletics. We also give students opportunities to explore their passions in learning environments tailored just for them! AESD is expanding “choice” schools and programs to meet the unique needs of our students and remain competitive in the growing school choice movement.

    We offer parents and students choices like …

    • Alhambra Traditional School – a rigorous academic environment where students work a year above grade level and demonstrate exemplary character and leadership.
    • Valencia Newcomer School - families may choose this school if their children are in third - eighth grade, are in their first year of attending school in the United States and need extra intervention in acquiring English proficiency. Students attend this immersion program for one year and are then enrolled in their neighborhood school.
    • Accredited Preschool Classes - for 3 and 4-year-olds, providing a smooth transition into free full-day kindergarten.
    • K-8 Campuses - including the new Madrid Neighborhood School at 37th Avenue and Osborn!
    • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) - well-rounded curriculum that helps students develop vital, transferrable skills and learning across all subjects, through experimentation, trial and error, and creativity.
    • Free Extracurricular Activities - including competitive and non-competitive sports, art and music clubs, and leadership development.

    Alhambra Elementary School District takes great pride in enriching the lives of our students by offering exposure and experiences to the next generation of leaders.

    This is Alhambra … Enroll Today and Join the Alhambra Family!

    Mark A. Yslas, Superintendent


Photo of Mark Yslas