• Creativity is no longer an elective, it's the future!

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Track & Field Intramurals

  • January 29th, 30th, and February 1st, 3rd - 8th grade students compete in the District Track and Field Meet at Alhambra High School.  Hundreds of Alhambra students participate on each of the three days.  There are running races both distance and sprints for relay teams and individuals.  As well as field events such as the long jump, high jump, shot put and softball throwing.  Congratulations to the top schools and grade levels: 3rd & 4th grade at Westwood, 5th grade at ATS, 6th grade at Madrid, and 7th & 8th grade at Granada East!



Greater Phoenix Honor Choir

  •                                  Congratulations!

    We are so excited to congratulate two of our Catalina students - 7th graders: Alexa De la Torre and Esperanza Bueno. These choir students auditioned for the Greater Phoenix Honor Choir and were both selected! The honor choir will be performing at Camelback High School (4612 n. 28th st. in Phoenix) on Saturday Oct. 21st, at 3:30 pm, and all are invited.  

    Greater Phoenix is a two-day music festival for our performing musicians, and 2023-2024 marks the 39th year of the festival. Students prepare audition music and submit those auditions to a judge for evaluation. The judges from each section evaluate the auditions based on a rubric of musical elements, and then select representatives that meet the criteria to be in the Greater Phoenix Honor Choir. Being accepted into this prestigious event is a wonderful accomplishment for the individual student, and it also brings recognition and honor to their home school. Throughout the course of the festival, students learn the value of hard work, attention to detail, diligence, and to improve their collaboration skills with their PXU peers.



  • The New Era Cap Clinic at the AZ Super Bowl Experience!

    On February 9th, 78 Alhambra Flag Football players from across 5 schools put their skills to the test at the New Era Cap skills clinic at the AZ Super Bowl Experience!  During this exclusive opportunity for Alhambra students, they had the chance to play with the Las Vegas Raider  - Isaac Rochell, Seattle Seahawk - Marshawn Lynch, and Arizona Cardinals - Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald.

    Additionally, we would like to thank New Era Cap for their $10,000 donation in support of our flag football program and for helping create memories that will last a lifetime for our students!


Event Dates

  • March - Youth Arts Month

    February 1, 2024 - 4th & 7th - Track and Field Intramurals @ Alhambra High School

    January 30, 2024 - 3rd & 8th - Track and Field Intramurals @ Alhambra High School

    January 29, 2024 - 5th & 6th - Track and Field Intramurals @ Alhambra High School

    December 2023 - February 2024 - Traveling Art Exhibition - Artwork on Display: Passages Gallery

    November 7, 2023  - 7th & 8th - Volleyball Intramurals @ Granada East

    November 6, 2023  - 7th & 8th - Volleyball Intramurals @ Barcelona

    October 21, 2023 - Greater Phoenix Honor Festival

    September 10-16, 2023 - National Arts in Education Week