• A Spooky Good Time While Coding

    The students in Ms. Baronoski's 5th & 6th grade enrichment/gifted class at Catalina School are coding their virtual CodeBot to navigate through eerie rooms of a haunted house.  They have to solve unique challenges and score points while developing their coding and problem-solving skills. They are given step-by-step objectives to complete, that start out simple, and build up to more complex challenges the further they go through the haunted house.  


STEAM After School Clubs

  • Across our campuses we offer many different STEAM club activities for all of our students. In STEAM students experience creative and innovative ways to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into their after school learning time.  Stop by your schools' office to receive more information about how to get students involved in STEAM club activities at their school!

    STEAM Clubs  

  •     MESA Club Advisors 2023

MESA Day 2022 - Catapult Challenge at the U of A!

MESA students - Catapult

The STEAM Club Purpose

  •  Steam Clubs

After School STEAM Events

  • August 19, 2023 - Advisor Kick-Off 9am virtual and/or @ GCU in person.  10am - 12:30pm in person @ GCU

    September 15 & 16, 2023 - MESA Advisor Training Institute (MATI) @ Biosphere II