• 40 Alhambra student created art pieces are on display!

    From December 7, 2020 - February 2021 those 40 pieces will be displayed in the Passages Gallery in Phoenix.  Then for the next two years those art pieces will travel throughout the state of Arizona!  You will be able to see our student's work in the following locations:

    The Legislative Hallway Gallery at the State Capitol

    The Secretary of State's Offices at the Capital

    The State Board of Education Offices

    Parsons Health Center in Phoenix

    Please email Karen Stengel - karenstengel@alhambraesd.org to set up a time to go see the exhibit in person.

  • Student at the Gallery  

     Passages Gallery    Passages Gallery Display

    .                                                          Passages Gallery Display    Passages Gallery

  • 2020-21 Young Arts Traveling Display

  • 2019-20 Young Arts Traveling Display

Honor Fest 2020

  • On February 25th over 200 Band and Choir students from across the Alhambra Elementary School District participated in Honor Fest.  It was an amazing night of talent!  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event possible for our kids.


    Honor Band 2020


    Honor Choir 2020

St. Mary's Thanks You!

  • St. Mary's Thank You

Fine Arts Events

  • 9/13 - 9/19/2020 - National Arts in Education Week!


    December - Young Arts Gallery Opening


    MARCH - Youth Arts Month!


Fine Arts Clubs

  • Across our campuses we offer many different Fine Arts Club opportunities for all of our students.  Stop by your schools' office to receive more information about how to get students involved in the Fine Arts at their school!

    Fine Arts Clubs

Talented Kids!

  • Band

  • Art  

  • Drama