• Please note the policy for all electronic devices, including cell phones for Granada East.


    Electronic Device Usage

    Students may possess electronic devices but must comply with the following guidelines:

    • "OFF and AWAY." All personal electronic devices must be turned off during instructional time so as not to disrupt classroom instruction. Such devices may only be turned on when authorized by a teacher/staff member to enhance classroom instruction. In this circumstance, electronic devices may only be used within the specific parameters provided by the teacher/staff member, for the purpose and time period identified by the teacher. The Technology Use Policy of the Alhambra Elementary School District must be followed when using any electronic device with the permission of a teacher/staff member.
    • Passing period is considered part of the school day and electronic device usage is not permitted
    • Students may not use personal electronic devices at school to take pictures, film or video of students or school staff (including teachers, administrators or other school staff), or otherwise infringe on the privacy rights of others, without the prior written consent and approval from site administration to use such personal devices. 
    • Any use of an electronic device that disrupts the educational process or school programs or activities is prohibited, including cyberbullying.

    Violation of Use Guidelines

    • Students who fail to store their devices "OFF and AWAY" may be directed to turn off the device and/or staff may confiscate the device and return it to the student later in the period, day or week; or may require the parent to come to school to recover the device. It will be left to the discretion of the staff member to determine the appropriate response depending on the particular circumstances. 
    • A student's right to carry an electronic device may be revoked for a serious or repeated violations of these guidelines. 
    • School staff will take reasonable steps to store confiscated devices in a secure manner, but AESD and the school accept no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices.
    • Students using electronic devices or district owned equipment to harass threaten or bully; cheat on tests or assignments; violate privacy rights of others; solicit assistance from people outside of the immediate school campus to commit acts of violence; or any other acts in violation of the law or district policy will be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to AESD policy and/or Arizona state law.