• Welcome to the Alhambra District Technology Department. The Alhambra District provides students and teachers with opportunities to use interactive technology to communicate, collaborate, analyze, and enhance their understanding of information and increase student engagement in the classroom.

    The Technology Department supports the teachers and staff of Alhambra District through a wide variety of innovative, educational programs and training opportunities. The Technology Department offers both certified and classified district personnel an array of technology training opportunities.

    With the support of the Alhambra Community and the District Capital Override, we are able to provide a 2:1 device ratio for our students.


Verizon Innovative Learning

  • At the start of the 2019 school year, many of our schools joined the Verizon Innovative Learning education initiative. In partnership with Digital Promise, the initiative equips every student and teacher in the school with a device and up to a four-year 4G LTE data plan. In addition to the free technology and access, the schools receive extensive teacher training and support along with the opportunity to engage in powerful teaching and learning that leverages technology in and out of the classroom. Over the course of the initiative, Verizon Innovative Learning will also provide the opportunity for students to leverage emerging technology such as augmented & virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D design and internet of things.

Apple VanGuard

  • Students from across the district spent a school day learning more about the technology they use daily courtesy of Apple Education. Apple Specialist Nora taught the students new tips to use on their iPads; for them to implement on future assignments and projects.