• School Letter Grades

    The system used to calculate school letter grades is called the A-F Letter Grade Accountability System. We are so grateful and proud of our teachers and students across our district. This year, four (4) of our schools received an "A" letter grade and most of our schools maintained or improved to a "B" letter grade! All of our schools will continue to grow and improve their instruction in subject areas. We want to extend a  thank you to all of our staff for their continued support and hard work. 

    The Arizona State Board of Education released School Letter Grades on October 27, 2023. State law (ARS§ 15-241) requires the Arizona Department of Education, subject to final adoption by the State Board of Education (SBE), to develop an annual achievement profile for every public school in the state based on an A through F scale.  For more information on the Arizona A-F School Accountability System, visit the Arizona State Board of Education A-F Letter Grades website page. 

    School Letter Grades demonstrate one characteristic of schools. The 2022-2023 A-F letter grades are just one measure of how a school is doing. 

    The letter grades measure:

    • Student growth from year to year
    • Proficiency on the statewide assessment (AASA)
    • English language proficiency and growth (as measured in the AZELLA assessment)
    • Indicators measure if an elementary student is ready for success in high school
Alhambra Elementary School District Letter Grades