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    Alhambra Elementary School District is dedicated to providing meaningful curriculum and instruction to our eligible gifted students, preparing them to thrive in our global society.

    Real-World Concepts
    Students explore units of study through a project-based approach in topics such as:
    • Natural Disasters
    • Forensic Science
    • Inventions
    • Architecture
    • Environmental Science
    • Service Learning
    • Advertising
    • Documentary Film Making
    • Computer Programing / Code
    Technology Exploration
    Laptop computers, iPads, SMART Boards, video equipment, and other technology tools are used for student research, computer programming, learning experiences, production opportunities, and presentation capabilities.

    Social Skills
    • Cooperative Learning
    • Habits of Mind
    • Social and Emotional Learning
    Talent Development
    • Logic Activities
    • Genius Hour
    • TinkerCad 3D Innovation
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Spatial Activities
    • Creative Thinking Activities
    • S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M Activities
    • Computer Programing
    • Choice Opportunities
    Identification and Assessment Indicators
    • High Academic Achievement
    • Curious Mind
    • Innovative
    • Learns rapidly and easily
    • Intense Focus on Topic of Interest
    • Complex Thinking
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Original, Unique Ideas
    Referral Process
    Parents, students, and staff members may refer a student for the Gifted screening process.

    Screening Process
    • A completed referral form is submitted to the designated site personnel.
    • The CogAT and Naglieri assessments may be administered.
    • Grades and standardized test results will be considered.
    • Interested parties will be notified of the final results.
    Habits of Mind
    For students growing up in the 21st Century, having knowledge alone is no longer a key indicator of success in life. Children must be equipped with the mindset and disposition to act intelligently when confronted with problems and uncertainties. We have to equip our students with mental attributes such as persistence and flexible thinking. We have to empower them with the skills to act on reliable information, ask the right questions, and think critically to confront problems. In the Alhambra GATE Program, we believe the acquisition of these habits is an important key to success. For more information on this empowering program, visit