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    Addendum to Parent/Student Handbook

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    Backpacks are allowed.  Backpacks should be used for school materials only. 



    Students are discouraged from riding bicycles to school because of issues involving safety, theft and vandalism.  K-2 students are not permitted to ride bicycles to school at any time.  Bicycles are ridden at the child's own risk. Electric or gas powered bicycles or scooters are not allowed at school.  Furthermore, students will not be permitted to ride these types of bicycles and scooters to and from school.

    1.  Students who ride bicycles must park them in the designated bike racks.  All bicycles must be individually locked with a padlock.  Do not lock 2 or more bicycles together.
    2.  Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus, on sidewalks, or in the parking lot.  Do not ride double or on the handle bars. 
    3.  While every effort is made to ensure the safety of bikes in the bike rack, THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED BICYCLES.  Never leave a bicycle at school overnight.
    4. Skateboards are not allowed on school grounds.

    Failure to comply with the above will result in disciplinary action and may result in a suspension of bicycle riding privileges.


    Lunch Hours

    K-3rd grade- Lunch 11:35am-11:55am, Recess 11:55am-12:15pm

    4th-8th grade- Lunch 11:55am-12:15pm, Recess 11:35am-11:55am  



                        Every Student Has The Right To Learn;

                        Every Teacher Has The Right To Teach;

                        No One Has The Right To Interfere With Either.

    To help guarantee student safety and a good social and educational climate, it is important that students understand that proper, safe, responsible behavior will be expected from them at all times.  Discipline will be administered when any individual's actions threaten the safety of others or interfere with the right of teachers to teach and students to learn.  Students are reminded that any staff member or designated parent volunteer in the school has the right and responsibility to address individuals at any place and at any time.  Students are accountable to school and district rules from the time they leave their home for school until the time they return home. 


    General Guidelines for Student Behavior:

    GAP students will be:

    • Inquirers
    • Knowledgeable
    • Thinkers
    • Communicators
    • Principled
    • Open-minded
    • Caring
    • Risk-takers
    • Balanced
    • Reflective


    School Socials

    Socials will be held throughout the school year to celebrate students who exemplify IB Learner Profile Attributes.  Guidelines for these socials are as follows:

    • Students need to qualify in order to attend, and guidelines will be set by each grade level. 



    The way a student dresses has direct impact upon how (s)he behaves.  During distance learning, students are not required to wear our formal uniforms, but it is encouraged. We recommend that students get up with plenty of time to freshen up, change into school appropriate attire, and eat a healthy breakfast to prepare for a day of learning. 


    When we return to in person teaching and learning, to help ensure student safety and to assist in maintaining a positive educational environment, the following rules apply to all school-sponsored activities and events. 


    Monday - Thursday: Students must wear the following uniforms:

    • Solid white collared, button-up shirt (short or long-sleeved)
      • Shirts must be tucked.
      • Solid black tie, bowtie, or bowknot
    • Khaki or black bottoms with belt or suspenders
      • Pants (no leggings and jeans)
      • Shorts (must be no more than three inches above the knee )
      • Skirts  (must be no more than three inches above the knee)
        • During the winter, solid black tights or leggings may be worn under the skirt.


    Friday: Students may wear: 

    • Polo shirts with the GAP crest 
    • Same bottoms as noted for Monday-Thursday dress.


    P.E. Days: Students may wear: 

    • Regular Shirt within dress code
    • Gym Shorts
    • Running shoes


    1.  Students must wear shoes at all times while on campus.  Flip-flops, slippers, and high heels are not permitted for safety reasons. 
    2.  Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors at any time. 
    3.  No hairnets, hats, bandanas, or headwear of any kind may be worn on campus.  Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of these items for the remainder of the school year. Exceptions: religious and cultural purposes. 
    4.  On alternate dress days, clothes must be in good taste and must adequately cover the body (including the stomach area when the hands are raised or when a student is seated).  Non-permitted items include, but are not limited to:  rolled-up pant legs, short shorts or skirts; torn, cut, or unhemmed shorts, pants or shirts; tights; bathing suits; bicycle pants or shorts; pajamas; bare chests or midriffs; halter, tube tops or tank tops; muscle shirts; spaghetti straps or off-the-shoulder items; low-cut tops, blouses and dresses; and see-through or mesh garments.  Students may not wear a sweater or jacket to cover a shirt which is out of dress code. Hoodies are not to be worn indoors. 
    5.  Excessive make-up, jewelry, or disruptive hairstyles will not be allowed. Make-up purses are not to be brought to class.  Hair spray, perfume, body spray, and cologne are not permitted anywhere on campus.
    6.  On alternate dress days, pictures and/or words displayed on any garment must be in good taste with nothing which is obscene or vulgar, gang-related or which promotes anything illegal for minors such as cigarettes, alcohol, tagging, or drugs.  Officially sanctioned clothing bearing the name or logo of a professional sports team may be worn provided it is not customized in any way.  In all of these cases, students may not be permitted to attend class until their parents bring a change of clothing. 
    7.  Clothing is to be appropriate for a student's physical size.  "Sagging" is not permitted (pants must fit around the waist and are not permitted to sag).  Belts or suspenders should be worn, and should also be of an appropriate length to fit the student's physical size.  "Hanging" belts or suspenders are not permitted. Students are permitted to wear one buckle with their belt, and a buckle with an initial must designate the student's first or last name.
    8.  Students are permitted to have pierced ears.  In addition, for safety reasons, large earrings are also not permitted.


    1. Students are to comply with the school dress code.  Logos, initials, nicknames, insignias and hand signs representing anything illegal, immoral, inappropriate, or gang-related are not permitted (Examples of prohibited dress include shirts which say sexy, playgirl, playboy, and AZ 602 or LA in old English writing.)



    To ensure traffic safety, please follow all traffic flow directions and signs, entering and exiting where designated.  When dropping off or picking up your child, use the south entrance of our parking lot, NOT the north entrance which leads to the bus bay. Please pull as close to the curb as possible, and do not double park your vehicle. Please do not park by curbing that is painted red.  Do not park your car or drop off or pick up students there.  If you wish to leave your car to meet your child or to escort him/her to class, please be sure to park in a designated parking space.  Do not leave your car unattended at the curb, since this will cause added congestion and will stop others from accessing a safe drop off/pickup area.


    At dismissal, all students except those taking the bus will be dismissed at the main lot dismissal area by grade level bands.  Parents will pull up to their child’s designated area. K-2 families must have assigned student identification tag visible on the dashboard or in hand when picking up student(s) at dismissal. The K-2 child will be escorted to the vehicle by a staff member. Parents who walk to school to pick up their child may receive the child from the homeroom teacher at the gate.


    Our parking lot is designed with one entrance on the south end of the lot for student drop-off and pick-up.  To ensure traffic safety, please follow all traffic flow directions, areas, and signs.  When stopping at the curb to drop off or pick up your child, please pull as close to the curb as possible to let other cars pass. Please do not double park your vehicle, since this will prohibit proper traffic flow. Please do not park by curbing that is painted red.  These are designated fire lanes, and parking by one may result in the issuance of a parking citation.  The bus bay is for buses only.  Do not drop off students, pick up students, or park there (except during 2nd grade dismissal).  When escorting your child to class, please be sure to park in a designated parking space before leaving your vehicle. Do not leave your car unattended at the curb and do not weave through cars moving through the parking lot and in the circle.


    Honor Roll is computed for students in grades K-8 at the end of each grading period.  To be eligible, students cannot receive any grades of D or F.

    Principal's Honor Roll:  for students who achieve a 3.8 grade point average or higher.

    Honor Roll:  for students who achieve a 3.0 to 3.79 grade average.



    Lost and found items are kept in the office.  All items will be tagged and kept for a total of 30 calendar days.  At the end of this period, any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.  To help us return these items to their rightful owner, we highly recommend that parents mark all personal items with their child's name.



    Toward the end of each school year, 8th-grade students being promoted to high school are offered several opportunities to participate in special activities, including an 8th-grade dance, a field trip, and a promotion ceremony.  Students may be excluded from these activities for behavior that has resulted in in-school detention, out-of-school suspension, referrals for truancy, or a combination thereof.


    Extracurricular Clubs/Sports

    Any student participating in after school activities must be provided transportation by the parent or guardian.  GAP will not provide a late bus for any after school activities. 

    If a parent is late picking up their child(ren) more than three times, the extended day and after school opportunities will be revoked.