• The purpose of homework is to reinforce learning, make up missed assignments and enrich the subject matter presented in class. When homework is assigned to students, the expectation is that the homework will be completed and returned to the teacher at the expected time. The classroom teacher will establish specific requirements and procedures for homework assignments. Every classroom at Barcelona Middle School will have a standards-focused assignment appropriate to their grade level, given Monday through Thursday. Homework may also include "standing" assignments such as weekly spelling practice, reading in a subject area, practicing math facts, etc.

    These types of on-going assignments are important in developing self-directed study habits.

    National studies and Alhambra District Policy IKB suggest the following time allotments per day (these time allotments are just a suggestion and will vary):

    Grade 4:  30 minutes;
    Grade 5:  45 mintues;
    Grade 6:  50 minutes;
    Grades 7 & 8:  60 - 90 minutes.


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