Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policies: Regular school attendance is vital to a child’s success. A child who is not in school cannot learn. For this reason, it is important that all parents make a commitment to make sure that their child is at school and on time. Please make every effort to adjust doctor appointments and family schedules to minimize time away from school.

    • State law (A.R.S. §15-321) states that students will be in attendance during the school day unless officially excused. State law limits what is considered excused. State law takes precedence over the parents’ definition of what is excused.
    • Parents are to call the attendance line, 602-249-7210 ext. 5498 for English and ext. 5488 for Spanish, to report all absences. Please call before 9:00 a.m.
    • Failure to report an absence will result in a phone call from the school to the parent at home or at work. Parents need to keep the school informed of their current contact numbers.
    • If contact is not made by phone, a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be sent to school on the day following the absence. Failure to properly notify the school may result as an unexcused absence for the student.
    • Students will be withdrawn from school after ten (10) consecutive days of absence if no parent/guardian contact has been made.
    • Students may not participate in after-school activities if they were not in attendance at school the day of the activity (Alhambra District Governing Board Policy IGD).

    Tardy Policies: Students are considered tardy if they are not in their assigned classroom when the 8:05 a.m. tardy bell rings. Students arriving to school after 8:05 a.m. must report to the office for a late pass before going to class.

    Truancy: Students are expected to meet a minimum attendance requirement of ninety percent (90%) of the possible membership days. Exceptions may be made for justifiable absences (those involving illness, injury, disease and/or family tragedy).

    Any student absence over ten percent (10%) of the school days is considered by state law to be an excessive absence. After ten percent (10%), the parent is required to provide written documentation from a physician for all days of non-attendance. All absences not documented will be considered unexcused and may be referred to the Court Unified Truancy Suppression Program.

    Students who are absent or tardy without parental or school consent will be considered truant and will be referred to the school resource officer. Truancy violates state and local attendance laws and will be considered a serious offense, and may result in disciplinary action.