What Makes Valencia Unique?

  • L. I. O. N. S.

    Learning - We at Valencia have a unique style to learning.  Our teachers utilize small group instruction in Language Arts & Math classes to support our learners.  This style allows teachers to evaluate students’ learning strengths and tailor lessons to meet the needs of each individual learner. Some students struggle to participate in front of the entire class during whole group instruction.  With the one-on-one attention students receive from small group instruction activities, this can boost the confidence of students who may otherwise have a hard time joining in a conversation or sharing his or her own ideas.  What a great way to make learning happen for all students!

    Imagining - All students at Valencia are encouraged to imagine what their success story is and will be!   Learners must remember to imagine success, fuel it with positive feelings, and continue that process until it becomes habit.  Our teachers and staff are ones that refuse to not underestimate the most powerful success tool in our students' resources, their imagination!

    Obtaining - Students at Valencia will obtain success, for us, it is NOT an option!  Valencia students will obtain their success by following these 11 steps which will be encouraged and supported by not only their classrooms teachers but ALL of our support staff as well:

    • Setting good daily habits
    • Regularly setting goals
    • Daily self-improvement engagement
    • Taking care of personal health
    • Making time for personal relationship building
    • Completing tasks 
    • Having positive attitudes
    • Learning how to rejecting negative attitudes
    • Reading daily
    • Not giving up
    • Knowing the "Why"

    Newcomer - Any student that joins our Valencia family is a newcomer to our system of teaching and learning.  We take a different approach to teaching and learning to support any child in need of language acquisition.  Students who enroll at Valencia will attend this immersion and will find success in all areas.

    Success - One success often results in another success.  All students at Valencia will experience SUCCESS!  As we use specialized curriculum to support language development, students will have the ability to move through language levels and progress through their individualized data.  Teachers will use specific and actionable data which tells the teacher where a student is, why, and the sequence of skills/behaviors he/she needs to learn next to accelerate his/her reading growth which in turn, created SUCCESS!!