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    In order for your child to receive the maximum benefit from the program, his or her regular attendance is very important.  Unless your child is ill, he or she should be at school.  Children who miss school often have difficulty learning the routines and miss out on valuable learning activities that have been planned to address their goals and to further their development.

    If your child will be absent, you are required to notify the Preschool Office by calling the attendance line at: (602) 246- 5155. When you call, you will give your child's name, his or her teacher's name and the reason for the absence.  If your child has a pattern of recurring absences, you will be contacted by a member of the Preschool office staff to determine the cause and develop a plan for improved attendance.  

    We understand that sometimes children have chronic health problems that cause the child to be absent.  If your child will have an extended absence due to illness, it is important that you communicate the information to the Preschool office and your child's teacher.