• Each curriculum is different and therefore the homework sent home with your child is based upon the curriculum that is being taught in the classroom. Beginning these skills and completing homework at an early age helps to foster good study habits and responsibility as they grow older.

    SFA curriculum Classrooms: In these classrooms students will be asked to watch electronic videos with their families at home. These videos will be available by accessing them through the internet or by the teacher sending home a DVD. After watching the video with your child you will be asked to talk with your child about what they watched on the video and write it on the paper. This homework is for the child and parent to complete together. By watching these videos at home with your child you will know what your child is learning in class as well as being part of the discussions that happen at school. Please see your teacher with instructions on accessing these videos electronically or for a DVD with these videos available. Completing the home link will help students build skills and concepts that we have learned or will be learning in the classroom. It also helps fund our Program. Please be sure to complete all spaces on the forms.

    Creative curriculum Classrooms: Each week a “home link” paper will be sent home with your child in their folder. The homework will consist of activities that you and your child will complete at home together. You will be asked to engage and have conversations with your child in order to support their learning and thinking. Homework will be sent home weekly.

    Weekly Readers & Lending Library Books: Weekly Readers as well as library books will be sent home weekly. We ask that you utilize this opportunity to read with your child. Library books are not the only books you can read to your child we encourage parents to read daily with their child at home. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps children develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. Weekly Readers are just another opportunity for you to read to your child. Please read the weekly reader with your child, explore the information on the internet, and complete the activity from the weekly reader and return it to your teacher. Be sure that you list the library books and weekly Readers you read at home on the Lending Library forms before sending them back to your classroom teachers.