Guidelines for Families

  • In order to provide a safe and happy learning enviornment for your child, we must follow the guidelines listed below: 

    1. A parent or authorized person (no less than age 18) must sign the child in and out of the classroom each day. If you bring your child to school, you must arrive at the designated sign in location and sign the child in and out. Please remember that you must remain with your child until he/she has been siged in. 
    2. In order to release a child from the classroom and the bus we must have a signed emergency authorization card on file. If you want to add or remove someone from the list, please come to school to do so. Any new person picking up your child must be on the emeregency card. We will not release your child to anyone who is not on the emergency card. Everyone must show proper phot identification (driver's license is best) before we will release your child. For the safety of the children no exceptons will be made on this rule. 
    3. Please notify the classroom teacher of any change of telephone number, emergency contacts or addressess for your child as soon as possible. 
    4. If your child will not be attending school please contact the Preschool office or classroom before the class is scheduled to begin. 
    5. Parent and visitors are required to sign in at the school office before participating in the class. In-Kind credit is given to the program for all your volunteer hours. Please park only where parking is permitted for visitors! 
    6. Safety is a major concern for all of us. Please ensure that your children are in a properly installed care seat or seat belt that is age appropriate. Always hold your children's hand when arriving or departing from school.

Parent Volunteers

  • Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom! If you are interested, you must provide the following documentation to the Preschool Office before you volunteer: 

    1. Driver's License
    2. Fingerprint Clearance Card
    3. Proof of Tetnus Shot, MMR Shot, And Mantoux T.B. skin test.