Digital Promise
  • We are very proud to have been selected as a Verizon Innovation School. Our classrooms will be transformed this year as we learn innovative ways to integrate technology into every lesson! CGP students will be well prepared for any challenge that their futures hold!


    As we enter our 3rd year with AVID, we are looking forward to earning our AVID certification. We were proud to be selected as a host site for all of the AVID leaders around Arizona to visit our classrooms and learn from our top-notch teacher leaders! CGP takes pride in leading the way!

  • We are thrilled to announce that beginning in the 2021-22 school year, EVERY CGP student will receive coding instruction. Coding is writing a set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task. Coding puzzles, tutorial progressions, and unplugged activities (learning computing concepts without a computer) are all onramps to a world where students can be passionate and powerful enough to express their imaginations. Coding puts children in control of their own learning through experimenting, trial and error, and thinking critically. It is about giving students the opportunity to engage with powerful ideas. 

    All coding classes will be taught by a designated coding specialist who will also work with classroom teachers on ways to integrate coding into other content areas.
    We believe that computer science is about equity. It levels the playing field for our students. Exposing them to coding when they don’t have to opt into a class, allows them to see how accessible the subject is, and decide if they enjoy it. It provides our students with the opportunity to stretch their imaginations well beyond what they already know, by teaching design, logical reasoning, and problem solving – all valuable well beyond the computer science classroom.