• Homework Policy

    Homework is generally assigned Monday - Thursday each week upon teacher discretion.  There will be no assigned homework on weekends or holidays, unless otherwise stated by the teacher.   Please remember, we suggest that every student read at home 20 minutes a day. All other homework is assigned by the homeroom teacher and is typically in reading and math. 

    Assignment of homework within district sites shall be of a constructive nature, directly related to the grade level course of study and clearly serve a purpose. Homework shall not be considered as a disciplinary measure and shall be personalized whenever possible to meet the individual needs
    of the students. Assignments shall not require books or materials that are not available at home or where resource materials are limited. Homework activities may include:
    1. Unfinished class assignments or makeup work for classes missed due to absences.
    2. Reinforcement of skills learning in the classroom.
    3. Projects that supplement studies in the classroom.
    4. Written work that permits the application of skills being developed.
    5. Problem-solving skills.

    Please contact your child's teacher if you have specific questions regarding homework in the classroom.

    National studies and Alhambra District Policy IKB suggest the following allotments per day(these time allotments are just a suggestion and will vary):
    Grades K-4: 30 minutes
    Grade 5: 45 minutes
    Grade 6: 50 minutes
    Grades 7 & 8: 60-90 minutes