• If you're interested in online learning, look no further than the Arizona K-8 Online Academy! 

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    AOA is a fully accredited, tuition-free, state-approved online school for students residing ANYWHERE in Arizona! The Online Academy strives to provide flexible learning options and a personalized educational experience for its students, allowing learners to Navigate Their Own Learning Pathway!  Students enrolled in the Arizona K-8 Online Academy will be offered a blend of on-screen learning that occurs in real-time as well as many opportunities to individually pace their learning path and complete coursework independently, at times that best fit their unique schedules. 

    All students will be provided access to a district iPad, laptop, and ongoing technology support! Students will engage with district-approved curriculum, be provided rigorous instruction aligned to Arizona state standards, and will be instructed by fully certified Arizona teachers. Students will have continued access to athletics, extracurricular clubs, and meal services while attending the Online Academy. The Arizona K-8 Online Academy is committed to providing innovative, flexible, and supportive learning options that meet the needs of all students and educate the whole child.

    Enroll now and begin navigating your learning pathway today!

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