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  • Barb Preston is a 2nd grade teacher at Granada Primary. She has called Alhambra her home since 1994. Barb became a Wellness Champion for her campus this year and is loving it! Wellness is very important to her. She shared that being on a committee that plans activities and shares information about mental and physical wellness is right up her alley!
    Barb doesn't just attend meetings and share information. OH NO! She and her Wellness Champion buddy, Ana Jastal, also a 2nd grade teacher at Granada primary, plan hikes and other adventures for GPS staffers. Barb creates an environment of inspiration and encouragement for others. She sets goals for herself and shares them with staff members and friends. She helps people feel comfortable sharing their goals, as well. (We call that leading by example.) There's a lot of support from staff members who share their fitness goals and healthy eating tips. Granada Primary staffers have regular Fit Bit challenges, which is super motivating and provides a solid level of accountability. 
    On a personal level, Barb connects with friends, family members, and wellness groups on Facebook to share activities and cheer people on. She LOVES hiking, going to the gym, walking, and of course, spending time with family and friends. Mental wellness is so important! Barb works to stay positive and encouraging.
    Barb's Big Tip: Barb's motto is "GO!" Set goals and crush them!  
    We're so lucky to have Barb Preston on our Wellness Committee! Thank you for all you do, Barb! 
    Interested in getting more involved with wellness? Contact Melody Hodges at melodyhodges@alhambraesd.org today! 
    Barb Preston taking a break during her favorite hike