• February is Heart Health Awareness Month!
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    A New Year, new commitments, and new start!
    Make 2018 your year with whatever you decide you want to do in your life. Here are some tips to stay motivated and achieve your New Year’s Resolutions!
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    Be Realistic. Deciding on a New Year’s resolution that is realistic for you and your life is the first step towards being successful. For example, if you tell yourself you’re going to stay completely away from sweets but you have a huge sweet tooth and you know you’re bound to encounter some holiday treats somewhere, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, challenge yourself to limit sweets to a couple times a week.

    Start Small. Setting smaller goals more frequently can lead to a higher chance of overall success than setting one large goal. If we use our sweet tooth example above, we start by saying limit our sweets to once a week.  From there we can move to a three times a week and go from there. Being successful is the most motivating factor in keeping a New Year’s resolution. Also, the smaller the goal, the easier it is to stick to it. We can’t start training for a marathon by running 26.2 miles, but we can start with a 1 mile walk.

    Reward Success. Positive reinforcement works for not just our kids and dogs, but adults too! Make sure to reward yourself for your accomplishments as long as it’s not counterproductive to your overall goal.  For example, if you are starting to train for a 5k and you were able to run for a full mile without stopping, go get a pedicure or take a day off from training and spend a day with your family. Doing these activities are especially rewarding because they have been earned through YOUR hard work.

    Friends. Invite a friend or co-workers to join you in your New Year’s resolution. We find that people are almost 50% more successful when they have someone to hold them accountable. Help each other stay on track and stay healthy.

    Don’t Quit. It’s almost unavoidable that you may have a slip up. Our lives and routines are always subject to change which can get in the way of your new routine and goals. Don’t quit! Change is hard and it won’t happen all at once. Stay positive and remind yourself why you set your goals and why they are important to keep up!

    YOU can do this.


    Mental Health Matters! 

     There is no single cause of suicide. It most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone that is suffering.

    Learn how to take action by becoming an advocate today.

    Feeling stress, exhaustion, or down? Our insurance, United Health Care, affords employees and our families support to get through difficult times through the Care24 program.  It's a great opportunity that supports our Alhambra family!

    Care24 Services
    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    WellStyles Wellness Website

    Benefited employees now have access to a powerful wellness tool! Set goals, track progress, and connect with others. Earn rewards for participating in wellness events and actions! Get entered into drawings for fabulous prizes! Click on the link below, register, and get started on this fabulous wellness journey!

    AFTER joining on the website, download the app for easy access to your tools. Search for Virgin Pulse WellStyles in your app store. The app icon looks like this: 

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    November was Diabetes Awareness Month
    Even though November is long gone, it's never too late to learn! Diabetes affects many of our Alhambra family members. Check out these links for more information: 
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    MOvember was a blast!
    Keep learning and growing by educating yourself about important men's health issues! 
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