• Assignment of homework within district schools shall be of a constructive nature, directly related to the course of study.  Homework shall not be considered as a disciplinary measure and shall be personalized whenever possible to meet the individual needs of the students.

    Homework activities may include:

    • Unfinished class assignments or makeup work for classes missed due to absences.
    • Reinforcement of skills learned in the classroom
    • Projects which supplement materials studies in the classroom
    • Written work which permits the application of skills being developed
    • Problem-solving skills

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Assignments shall be made if children understand the process and have had sufficient practice to do it unaided.
    • Assignments shall not be given for disciplinary reasons.
    • Assignments shall not require books or materials which are not available at home or where resource materials are limited.
    • Assignments must clearly serve a purpose.