• Students in grades K-8 will have homework everyday Monday through Thursday. Homework reinforces classwork through practice and extension, gives students the opportunity to display responsible behavior and to extend the conditions by which they learn, and plays an important role by involving the parents in the child's education.  Homework is one way parents can make a meaningful contribution in helping their child(ren) succeed.  When children see that their parents think education is important, their attitude and performance improves.


    Click on the picture below to access math practice that may have been assigned by the teacher.  If your child does not know his/her username and password, please contact his/her teacher. 

    I Ready


    Homework Hotline - (602) 246-5000

    A Homework Hotline is available to all students every Monday through Thursday between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.  Certified teachers are available to answer questions and to assist with homework assignments.