Dress Code

  • In accordance with the contract signifying compliance with the Alhambra Traditional School (ATS) Dress Code signed by parents and students upon admission, students shall maintain their person in an orderly manner compatible with the educational program.  All clothing shall be modest, clean, in good repair and hemmed.

    To ensure that proper appearance of students is maintained, the administration shall make the final determination as to appropriate apparel in a questionable circumstance.  The administration may modify the dress code to meet safety and health needs.  Parents may be asked to bring appropriate attire if the student does not adhere to the dress code.

    1. Uniforms, such as Cub/Boy Scout, Brownies/Girl Scout and the like, are acceptable school attire; however, caps shall not be worn during school hours.
    2. Any clothing or accessories with suggestive words or phrases, pictures, skulls, or advertisements of tobacco products, narcotics, alcoholic beverages, or any emblems, pictures, depictions of violence of any kind, or writing not appropriate for school shall not be permitted.  No concert or music clothing is permitted.
    3. Appropriate shoes shall be worn at all times for school, PE, and activities.  Flip-flops, and spike heels shall not be permitted.  Sandals (open-toed and open-heeled shoes) well secured at the toes and ankles may be permitted. Maximum heel heights for shoes are:  one inch heels for K-3, two inch heels for 4-8, to be measured where the heel is attached to the back of the shoe at its highest point.
    4. Shirts shall be normal fitting and not over- or under-sized.  Shirts shall be worn tucked inside pants or skirts and must remain so when arms are raised above the head.  A bare midriff shall not be permitted at any time. Ribbed tank tops, mesh shirts, see-through, sheer, and sleeveless shirts with oversized armholes must be worn over a shirt that meets the two inch shoulder strap requirement, and shall be worn tucked inside pants or skirts.  Shirts designed to be sleeveless with non-revealing arm holes are appropriate attire.  White undershirts/underwear shall not be worn as outerwear.  Low-cut necklines and bare-backed tops are not acceptable attire.  Shoulder straps shall be at least two inches in width.  Shoulder seams shall not exceed four inches off the shoulders on regular T-shirts; they would then become oversized. 
    5. Pants shall be not tighter than once inch nor looser than six inches measured from the side of the knee. Pants shall fit at the waist and be a safe length not touching the ground. Leggings, jeggings or capris are not allowed. Nylon or fleece sweatpants with drawstrings or gathered at the ankle are not proper school attire.
    6. Appropriate headwear is only permitted at recess and PE.
    7. Belts with buckles shall be worn with garments having belt loops, and belts shall be visible when arms are raised above the head.  Scarves, bandannas, and ropes are not considered belts.
    8. Walking-style uniform shorts may be worn throughout the school year.  Shorts must be purchased from a company that sells uniforms or from the uniform department of a retail store.  Shorts must be black, navy, or tan in color. Shorts shall be no more than four inches above the knee measured from the floor when kneeling and no more than two inches below the knee when standing.  Shorts may not be altered.  Tight-fitting shorts (less than one inch measured from the leg at the bottom edge) are not acceptable.  Non-uniform shorts, cut-off pants, and culottes of any type are not acceptable outerwear.  Exceptions:  shorts may be worn under dresses, skirts, or pants.  Appropriate shorts may be worn for participation in physical education classes and ATS Field Day. 
    9. Personal grooming items, such as pocket combs or brushes, shall be kept in the student’s desk, cubby, purse, or pockets.


    1. The length of a skirt or dress shall be no more than four inches above the knee measured from the floor when kneeling.  Appropriate undergarments shall be worn at all times.  Undergarments shall not be seen.  Dresses or skirts shall not exceed mid-calf length.
    2. Loop or hanging earrings shall not be worn at school.  All jewelry shall remain on the owner.  Jewelry shall be worn in the manner designed.  Pierced body jewelry, other than earrings in the ears, shall not be allowed.
    3. Hair shall be neatly groomed.  Appropriate hairstyles, cuts, or colors are acceptable.  Bangs shall be worn above the eyebrows or pinned away from the eyes.  No hats or curlers shall be worn at school.
    4. No face make-up, eye make-up, or colored nail polish shall be permitted during school hours.  Clear nail polish, clear lip-gloss, and light blush may be worn by students in grades 7-8.


    1. Hair shall be neatly groomed and trimmed.  Hair length shall not be longer than the ear lobes on the side or fall below the collar in the back.  Bangs shall be worn above the eyebrows.  No hair tails, mohawks or faux hawks are permitted.  Appropriate hairstyles, cuts, or colors are acceptable.  No headbands, hats, or caps shall be worn at school.
    2. No earrings or pierced body jewelry shall be worn at school.