Parent Teacher Organization

  • The PTO is an elected group who help support teachers, staff, and students. We also organize several school wide events every year.

    • Honor Roll Awards
    • Picture Day
    • Honor Roll Awards Night
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • School Dances
    • Teacher Grants
    • Book Fair
    • BooHoo Breakfast

    Introducing Your 2017 – 2018 Board

    President, Sheri Smith

    This year is Sheri’s 15th year at ATS. She has 5 GREAT kids, 4 at ATS currently, a 8th grader, 4th grader and a 2nd grader. Sheri remembers 15 years ago, sitting in the Kindergarten welcome to ATS meeting and will never forget being told "ATS is a 3rd the teacher, a 3rd the student and a 3rd the parent." That stuck with her because she truly believes as parents we need to be involved in our kids’ education. Sheri’s favorite quote is " if you can dream it you can do it". She hopes every ATS family will get involved with their child’s dreams and help make them come true.

    Vice President, Monina Ramirez

    Monina has one energetic little boy who will be starting 4th Grade at ATS. During her son’s first year she had the opportunity to work with Ms. Tafolla as her classroom assistant.  She also helped with Picture Day and the monthly newsletter. Monina’s extra time is spent running or hiking, while her best time is spent hanging out with her son and husband.

    Secretary, Mozette Humphreys

    My name is Mozette Humphreys, I have twin boys at ATS. This will be my 8th year and I love the structure & academics ATS provides. I love the family environment that is why I choose to be a part of PTO this year. Being involved with my child’s education is a huge plus for me. My kids are on a national swim team and myself &the boys do triathlon every Thanksgiving.

    Treasurer / Financial Secretary, Thomas Barton

    Thomas has three great kids at ATS in 6th, 4th, and 3rd grade. He enjoys reading, going on dates with his wife, and the sweet sound of all three kids diligently working on homework each night. He tries to teach his kids that effort counts twice! Talent x Effort = Skill and Skill x Effort = Achievement. He is also patiently waiting for Batman to invite him to join the Justice League.

    PTO Officer, Ericka Martinez

    Ericka currently has a 4th grader and a 2nd grader at ATS and a two year old at home. She is a teacher by profession and really enjoys working with kids and adults of all ages. Ericka is a second language learner of Spanish and hopes to continue her education at GCU soon.

    PTO Officer, Amanda Stegen

    I am entering my 21st year teaching at ATS. I truly believe the partnership between parents and staff makes ATS unique and successful. Being part of PTO is an honor and I look forward to a great year!

    PTO Officer, Carmen Salinas

    Hi, I’m Carmen Salinas. I have been part of the ATS family for 9 years now with 2 boys. I have always been involved personally & professionally. I strongly believe in PTO and the benefits it brings to our school. Our students are successful because of the great and strong teachers we have, but the key part is parental involvement.