• Homework is assigned to reinforce and enrich cognitive skills and to help students develop self-discipline and accountability.

    Homework shall be assigned Monday through Thursday of each week, except before a holiday.  Daily homework shall be due at the beginning of the next school day except in 6th, 7th and 8th grade, where it will be due at the beginning of each class unless specified otherwise by the teacher.

    Types of homework assigned may include:

    • completing work started in class
    • writing themes, short stories, or compositions
    • drilling and practicing specific skills.
    • researching for long-term projects
    • memorizing material to be recited in class.
    • listening, observing, and evaluating radio, TV, forums, concerts, and other programs related to courses.
    • conducting interviews and gathering information from authoritative sources.
    • working on notebooks, maps, and other projects related to course activities.
    • reading.

    Study Time

    The approved time allocations for study are as follows:

                            Grades K-2:                Up to 30 minutes

                            Grades 3-5:                 30 to 60 minutes

                            Grades 6-8:                 45 to 90 minutes

    If a student does not have a specific homework assignment, then they are expected to spend 30 to 60 minutes, depending on grade level, in reinforcement activities (e.g., math facts, phonograms), long-term assignments, or additional reading.  The student may read silently, to parents or to others in the home.

    Teacher Responsibilities 

    The teacher is required to:

    • maintain a homework accountability sheet for each student.
    • correct all homework and return to the student.
    • assign meaningful and grade level appropriate homework.

    Student Responsibilities      

    The student is required to:

    • keep an accurate record of assignments.
    • have necessary materials to complete assignment
    • .complete assignments on time.
    • do their own work.
    • apply and practice skills learned in class
    • strive for the highest quality work possible. 

    Parent Responsibilities

    The parent is required to:

    • check their child’s homework for complete, neat, and accurate responses.
    • sign homework assignment sheet as required.
    • supervise completion and correction of inaccurate and untidy work.
    • encourage systematic study.
    • show interest in the assignment.
    • commend satisfactory progress.
    • provide the proper conditions suitable to study.
    • ensure proper materials and supplies are available for completing assignments.
    • it is highly recommended that parents sign up for the online grade book and attend curriculum night.

     Long-term Assignments

    • A long-term assignment is an assignment given seven or more calendar days before the due date.  Examples of long-term assignments include, but are not limited to, book reports, poems/recitations, science projects, research papers, and current events. 
    • Long-term assignments are due at the beginning of the school day on the due date.  If a student is absent from school on the due date, the long-term assignment is due at the beginning of class on the day the student returns from the absence.
    • Failure to turn in a long-term assignment by the due date shall result in a 0 percent (0%) and a detention for students at all grade levels.  Teachers shall use their discretion to determine guidelines in grading of incomplete long-term assignments. (See teacher for guidelines.)

    Absent and Late Work

    It is required that all assignments be completed.  All students shall be provided one day, from the day they return to school, for each absent day to make up missed assignments, not including long-term assignments.  (Long term assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day the student returns from the absence.)  Work not completed by the assigned time shall be considered late; however, teachers shall use their discretion to determine guidelines in acceptance of late assignments due to extenuating circumstances.  Recess time may be used for the student to complete their work. Although a late grade shall not be changed, teachers shall be willing to grade any late paper upon parent request.