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  • I am incredibly excited to become the first principal of the Arizona K-8 Online Academy!  This is the first online school AESD has ever opened and I take great pride in working collaboratively with our parents, students, staff, and community members to ensure our online program provides learners with personalized, flexible, high quality instruction that will remain at the heart of AESD’s online learning experience.  I am very passionate about providing students and families with enhanced choice in navigating their online learning pathway so that each and every AOA student has a customized experience that meets their individual educational needs, as well as their unique interests.

    I have worked in the field of public school education for 18 years, all of which have been served in the Alhambra Elementary School District.  I began my career as a fourth grade teacher and progressed into school leadership as an instructional coach, K-8 assistant principal, assistant director of technology, and now as a principal of online learning. Furthermore, throughout the past few years, I have worked closely with the district office team to support and help facilitate the process of building the Arizona K-8 Online Academy.  In these many roles, I have supported the design, development, and implementation of various AESD initiatives at both the site and district levels. Working closely with families, I strongly value the partnership that exists between parents, students, staff, and school leadership to ensure learners are provided with the individualized supports needed for their success. 

    The Arizona K-8 Online Academy presents the opportunity to develop a multitude of creative learning options for students, which is what excites me the most! I very much look forward to bringing innovative and flexible online learning options to our Arizona learners as the principal of Arizona K-8 Online Academy.

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                     Mrs. Libby Cohen, Principal