Verizon iPad Student & Family Information

Verizon iPad Student & Family Information

VILS: Verizon Innovative Learning

We are so excited that Catalina has been selected to become a Verizon Innovative Learners (VILS) School - Below, we have given you some information regarding the program and what is to be expected.

Our roll-out of student iPads is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 2019. At the roll-out, students who have earned the Fast Pass (this will be given to the students once all requirements have been met) will have immediate access to their device on the day of the roll-out. Students who have not earned a Fast Pass will need to be in attendance with their parents to complete all required AESD and Verizon paperwork along with fee payment prior to receiving their device. 

Students will be taking their devices home with them and MUST make it a habit to connect to Wi-Fi. Students should use a public Wi-Fi as much as possible, or use the 5G LTE wireless data provided by Verizon Wireless. CONSERVE your monthly data plan and use Wi-Fi as often as possible. At Catalina Ventura, students will use AESD’s Wi-Fi.

Parent Digital Citizenship (PDC) Classes will be available during the month of August and SeptemberThe class will cover topics such as general use and management of the devices, ways to enhance learning, and family productivity. Taking these face-to-face PDC Classes is an expectation for ALL parents/guardians.

Cases will be provided to the students for their tablets. These cases are NOT to be removed. Students will also receive a charging block, a charging cable, and a Verizon drawstring bag. At the end of the year, students MUST return the encased iPad, the charging block, and the charging cable. The drawstring bag will belong to the student. Families can feel free to buy other accessories for their student to use as well. Students MUST get in the habit of charging their iPads at home every night and carrying their iPad in the Verizon drawstring bag or other backpack. Students should leave their charging block and charging cable at home each day.

We recommend that all families create a charging station in their living or dining room. This way it becomes a routine process for the iPad to be charged when necessary. We also recommend that students NOT take their tablets into their bedrooms at night. Families need to create boundaries for the use of their student’s device.

Every family must pay a $5 yearly technology insurance fee. This fee will cover any sort of minor damage that could occur both in and out of school. This annual fee of $5.00 is for ALL families and must be paid BEFORE the student can be issued the device. Families are encouraged to pay this fee when they attend the Parent Digital Class in order to expedite picking up your student’s iPad on the roll-out day.

Students are expected to use the tablets in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policies and Student Expectations provided by AESD and VILSAny inappropriate use of the tablets will be dealt with in a manner similar to any other inappropriate behavior according to student expectations. All students will have taken the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Course in school prior to the rollout. Students will be made aware of all expectations. Use of the iPads may also be restricted if the behavior merits this type of consequence. Please see Alhambra’s Student Technology Expectations for more details.

It is essential to remember that this device is a learning tool not a toy. Any family member or friend may use the device, however the student assigned to the device assumes any and all responsibility for his/her device when sharing with others.

Parent Digital Citizenship (PDC) Classes

Attending ONE PDC Class is required for EVERY parent/guardian. We must ALL be on the same page with being good digital citizens. PDC Classes will be held in our library and offered throughout August and September. Attending the PDC will expedite picking up your student’s iPad on the roll-out day. For additional information, please feel free to contact me at or Rod Brashear at


We want to thank you in advance for supporting your child.  We look forward to becoming a strong digital learning community together!