Empatico Spark Empathy

Empatico Spark Empathy Badge

We are a proud recipient of a Spark Empathy Grant! We are thrilled to announce we have received almost $50,000 in grant funding as a Spark Empathy Grant recipient! We’re excited to bring even more social-emotional learning opportunities to our students through Empatico!


Empatico, incubated by The KIND Foundation, is a free tool for educators to connect their classrooms with others around the world. Educators do this through a combination of live video and activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students ages 6-11. Empatico provides all the tools educators need in one place: a partner classroom, activity plans, and built-in video, messaging, and scheduling tools. Empatico empowers educators and students to explore the world through experiences that spark curiosity, kindness, and empathy. Empatico is on a mission to connect 1 million children by 2020, and was named a Fast Company 2018 World Changing Idea and a top ed tech tool in 2019.