7th Grade Pays It Forward

Global Academy of Phoenix 7th grade students and their teacher, Diane Hernandez, have partnered with We Help Two to make a BIG impact. These students know how lucky they are to be receiving a top notch education, and they want to pay if forward. By selling just 105 pairs of socks, they will help provide a full year of school for Deborah Nalubega, a young child in Uganda who dreams of becoming a teacher. How amazing is that? 
To get your very own pair of snazzy socks, and to help these students reach their goal, simply click and go: https://go.wehelptwo.com/campaign/?campaignid=4044
Deborah Nalubega, student in Uganda  Kyran celebrates his first sock sale.  Jason and Noah getting ready to hit the sales trail.   Deborah Nalubega, student in Uganda