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GIA Awarded "A for Arizona" Expansion & Innovation Fund Grant

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Through the decades, Alhambra Elementary School District has historically led the way or been early adopters of best practices for under-served students. Rather than see students in the achievement gap as a liability, they seize the opportunity to show their community what a public school system should look like and produce outcomes that often exceed their peers. Alhambra is poised to do that again here by embracing a research and community driven solution in response to students’ requests for more STEM education and the reality of gender inequalities in STEM careers.

“Alhambra Elementary School District is located in the neighborhoods of Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. We strive to provide a high quality, well-rounded education to approximately 12,000 students PK-8.  The needs of those we impact are great, with a 93% free and reduced lunch rate. We serve a diverse student population consisting of immigrant and refugee families, and students who are facing homelessness. 95% of our students are students of color and 22% are English Language Learners. 

The National Association for Research in Science Teaching finds that female students show stronger performance in science and mathematics programs when they are provided continued learning spaces to work and dialogue with other female peers, named ‘counterspaces’. In an effort to counter marginalization of the Alhambra learners interested in rigorous STEM, Innovation and Engineering education, Girls Innovation Academy (GIA) is proud to announce the creation of our own counterspace for any interested student in grades 5th-8th grade.” – Girls Innovation Academy application