Registration Procedures

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    Enrollment Procures for New Students

    Current proof of immunization, birth certificate, evidence of current grade level (report card or withdrawal form from previous school), and proof of residence in the Cordova Elementary School attendance area must be provided when enrolling a new student. 

    A student will be assigned to a classroom by the principal or the principal's designee based upon the number of students currently in the classroom, a student's needs, and/or other factors that are deemed appropriate in making the best possible placement. All classroom placements are considered temporary and can be adjusted by the principal at any time depending on the needs of the school.

    Out-of-District Open Enrollment Procedures

    While moving is something unavoidable parents should try to keep their child enrolled at the same school whenever possible. Students who move out of the Cordova Elementary School attendance area may apply for open enrollment by coming to the office and completing an out of area open enrollment request form. If approved, the child(ren) will be allowed to continue at Cordova Elementary School as a student. The Alhambra School District will accommodate as many attendance open enrollment requests as possible from both inside and outside the District attendance area. Please contact the principal if you wish to request open enrollment for your child. The principal of the school will be happy to discuss the request with you. Granting of an open enrollment request is a site-based decision by the school principal. The decision to grant an open enrolllment request is based on enrollment for the grade level of each school. 

    If an open enrollment request is granted, parents and students agree to the following:

    • Maintain good attendance (95% or higher)
    • Maintain passing grades
    • Maintain good behavior (no out of school suspensions or excessive detentions or referrals)
    • Parents will provide transportation and the student will not ride Alhambra District buses
    • Students will not arrive at school earlier than 7:45 a.m.
    • Parents will pick students up no later than 3:40 p.m. for regular dismissal, or 4:40 p.m., if the student stays for an after-school activity.

    Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the immediate revocation of the variance.

    Withdrawal Procedures 

    Please notify the office at least two days in advance of your child's withdrawal. Prior to being withdrawn, all school materials and books must be turned in (including textbooks and library materials). In addition, all fines must be paid. Parents must sign a copy of the withdrawal form. This form is a legal document and will be needed to register your child at his/her new school.