Health Office

  • School Nurse: Ms. Murray

    Nurse Assistant Ms. Santos

    Health Office Hours- 7:35am-3:05 p.m. 
    602-841-0704 ext 4010


    Vision Program

    At Cordova Middle School we do a vision screening on all new students and annually follow-up with any students who have not passed prior vision screenings. Through our partnerships with Costco and Site for Students, if a child does not pass their vision screening he or she may qualify for one of these programs to assist with prescription glasses.

    A Plus Dental Program

    Cordova Middle School students who qualify for AHCCCS or Kids Care may also be eligible to receive free dental care through the A Plus Dental Program . The program includes dental exams, teeth cleaning, x-rays, and sealants (protective coating) along with round-trip transportation from the school to the dental clinic. This dental program helps our students maintain healthy teeth for good learning.

    Emergency Information

    It is of vital importance to keep the student's emergency card current. In order to meet your child's needs in the event of a medical emergency, please contact the school office to update any emergency contact information that changes over the course of the school year.

    Please help us keep emergency cards current by providing the following information:

    • Current home address and telephone number, or the number of the closest neighbor who will contact the parent.
    •   Place of employment and phone number of both parent/guardians.
    • Name of a person who is responsible for the child in the event parents cannot be located immediately in the event of an emergency.
    • Specific problems such as diabetes, epilepsy, cardiac diseases, allergies, and asthma should be noted on health records and discussed with the school health assistant.


    An updated, signed medical card granting permission to give medication (including aspirin) must be on file for any medication to be dispensed. 
    All medications are kept in the Health Services Office and are dispensed only by appropriate staff. Students are not allowed to carry medication to administer to themselves, except for an asthma inhaler or an Epi-pen as directed by a physician.
    Prescribed medication that needs to be taken during school hours must be brought to the Health Services Office by the parent or a parent-designated adult.
    A physician must authorize all prescription medication.
    Along with a physician's written order, there must be parental written permission for each prescription medication.
    Medications must be in the original container. The container must be clearly labeled.
    Teachers are not permitted to hold or administer medication to students at school.
    According to district policies, all medications will be destroyed after school on the last day of school.

    A.R.S. 15-803 requires the parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis of a child to provide the school with an immunization history at the time of enrollment.  This history is to include the month, day, and year for each vaccination. Parents must show proof of immunization, and children will not be permitted to attend classes until the immunization history has been provided.

    Head Lice 

    Click here for Head Lice Information for Families and ways to remediate the reoccurrence of lice.