• Arizona state law allows students to apply for admission to any state public school, based on available classroom space. Open enrollment applications are approved on a year-by-year basis with no guarantee of continued enrollment. While most campuses in the Alhambra Elementary School District will have space for Open Enrollment students, some campuses will have closed enrollment due to various factors. Students are expected to demonstrate successful academic, attendance, and behavior standing.  As an open-enrolled student, it is important that these standards be adhered to in order to maintain open enrollment status. Any family in Arizona may apply for Open Enrollment into an Alhambra ESD school. 

    Open enrollment applications are only available in person. You can download the application form here. At this time, parents/guardians whose student(s) are currently open enrolled at the school of their choice, will not need to reapply for Open Enrollment for a new school year unless wanting to enroll in a new school outside of their residential boundary area.

    For further questions regarding Open Enrollment, contact 602-336-2920

    Open Enrollment Availability
    Updated September 26, 2023

    Note: Capacity is updated every 12 weeks, per A.R.S. 15-816.01. Please note that due to daily fluctuations in the district and school enrollment, actual capacity on a given day may be different from what is indicated below. "Limited" indicates there are openings dependent on grade level. 

    Enrollment for students who receive special education services is determined based on the staffing ratios and capacity to provide services and support in the student's IEP.  Specialized Programs are only offered at select schools.
    A series of dashes (---) indicates that the program is not offered at that school.

Current Open Enrollment Availability

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