• We are proud to announce that eleven of Alhambra schools were selected to participate in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. The schools that have been awarded this grant are Carol G. Peck, Cordova Elementary, Granada East, Granada West, James W. Rice, Madrid, Sevilla East, Sevilla West, R.E. Simpson, Valencia Newcomer School and Westwood Primary.

    What does this mean if my child attends one of these schools?
    If your child attends one of the referenced schools, he/she will receive a free snack twice during the school week.

    What type of snacks will be provided?
    There are many delicious and nutritious options we will provide this year. Some examples include sugar snap peas, star fruit, lady apples, and yellow grape tomatoes. In addition to providing new and tasty snacks, we will also provide a nutrition education lesson about the fruit or vegetable.

    What if my child’s school was not selected?
    Unfortunately, not all of our schools were selected. The Department of Education picks schools based on criteria of free and reduced percentage and grade levels. The schools with the K-3 grades are generally more likely to get selected to introduce younger children to new fruits and vegetables.