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    Lobo PAC (Purpose*Action*Culture) is a group of 7th and 8th grade student mentors. Our mentor students work with younger students to help them with their academic achievement, social skills, and Learner Profile development. 

    Our PAC team meets regularly to share experiences, learn strategies for support, and report on their important responsibilities:

    • Maintain grades of B’s or better.
    • Follow all of the GAP rules and expectations.
    • ­­­­­Be on time and prepared for sessions and tasks.
    • Remain with my supervising teacher for the entire session.
    • Be an excellent model of all IB Learner Profile Attributes.
    • Complete my attendance and task check list each session and have my supervising teacher sign.
    • Complete the weekly self-evaluation with quality and return it to Mrs. Hodges by Monday morning of the following week.

    For more information about our Lobo PAC Program, contact Melody Hodges.