Health Office


    Our school nurse can be reached by calling 623-463-7666.

    In the Health Office, donations of gently used clothing are always needed and very much appreciated.  


    The health assistant/nurse provides emergency services to students at school. She administers medication, monitors student health needs, and provides first aide for injury or sudden illness sustained at school, maintains health records, supervises vision and hearing examinations, and contacts parents when necessary. In case of an accident or sudden illness, the student may report directly to the health office. If not seriously ill, or if the illness occurs during classroom instructional time, the student should report to the teacher and obtain a student pass to the health office. The health assistant will call the parent when it is necessary for a student to be sent home for health reasons.



    Arizona Revised Statue 15-803 requires the parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis of a child to provide the school with an immunization history at the time of enrollment. This history includes the month, day and year for each vaccination. Parents must show proof of immunizations, and children will not be permitted to attend classes until the immunization history has been provided.



    Medication to be taken during school hours must be brought to the school nurse as soon as your child arrives at school. All medication must be brought to school and picked up by the student’s parent/guardian. Students are not allowed to carry medication to administer to themselves.

    All medication must be labeled with student’s name, date, dosage and time medication is to be given, along with a written order from the physician. Over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, cough drops, and cough syrup must also be brought to the nurse.



    The best strategy for controlling pediculosis (head lice) is to use shampoos designed for the treatment of lice, combined with diligent nit removal. Nit removal is important, as some of the eggs will survive the shampoo treatments. It is also important to shampoo all affected family members at the same time. Furniture and clothing should also be treated. Be sure to shampoo everyone again, 7-10 days after the first treatment. Generally, if the proper treatment is followed, students should miss no more than 1-3 days of school due to lice.