Parent Resources

  • Cool Math Games For Kids!

    This website has lots of fun games that require the students to use their logical thinking skills.


    This website allows you to see sample questions for everything your child will learn this year in math. The children can try a few questions each day WITHOUT having to purchase a subscription. (Go to state standards, Arizona, then 3rd grade)


    Kids Sites

    This website is a link to about 20 other math websites that have fun games, flashcards and activities for kids.


    Starfall opened in September of 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read with phonics. This website has fun games and lots of great activities.



    Go on an adventure with Dr. Suess, play educational games and watch entertaining videos that reinforce the important study skills taught in class. You can do all of this on PBS Kids and more!



    Students can learn about synonyms and antonyms by playing fun and interactive games. They can learn about the alphabet and practice using phonics, as well as learn how to write poetry. This website is great for all different grade levels!


    Math Playground

    Students can play math games, solve word problems, and even watch videos that help explain how to solve tricky problems. You can also print off flashcards and worksheets to help the students with all types of math problems.



    On this website, students get to play educational arcade games for reading, writing and math. Students can read comic books, play math tic-tac-toe and have fun while learning important study skills.


    SFS Kids

    This website allows students to become a musician, while teaching them about tempo, beat and all of the different kinds of instruments in the world today. Students can even become their own composer, by creating their very own songs.